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released May 23, 2013


all rights reserved



HARDCHARLiE Chicago, Illinois

Hailing from Chicago, it is the truth in HARDCHARLiE's music that sets him apart from so many other artists. There is more here than just another emo kid singing his heart out with his acoustic guitar. There is a connection to be made with every listener; a way of liberating one self from the pummelling of daily life. HARDCHARLiE personifies hardship, and defines a path to overcoming it. ... more

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Track Name: AWAKE

Awake, yet unamused
I’m undercover suffering with no desire to move
My entire being is dreaming of leaving this room
It’s just my overtired feet refuse
As soon as I choose to put on my shoes the beatin’ resumes
But I figured it out, the medicine goes down better with a little sugar on the spoon.
It’s true, look at me, I’m living proof,
Look at me with my neck in a noose
If it wasn’t for my momma’s chicken soup
I’d be a tickin’ time bomb impossible to diffuse
Dial up the cops I’m in hot pursuit
And out to avenge my relatives who
Got locked in a boxcar and removed
Numbers on their arms tattooed
No nazi no Holocaust will ever stop me from being a Jew
I mean it too, you ain’t gotta clue about any of the things I’ve been through
Turning CHARLiE hard as bricks was caused by lies and chicks with mental issues
It still continues, all these negative conditions don’t improve
It’s like the whole world is crying and I’m runnin’ out of tissues
I’ve got more than a few loose screws and my marbles are lost like gilligan’s crew
On a desert island and I’m quickly losing hope of getting rescued
What’s next up on the menu, play yet another show at another venue
Break another girl apart, though I never did intend to
Become such a superstar cause I’m nothing special
Let’s all be intellectuals, and see my heart as more than atriums and ventricles
Don’t just assume, my unconventional views are just me dazed and confused
‘Cause I’m not, I got no excuse, but I do have friends to introduce
See this is dancing, this is flying, this is standing, this is trying
This is loss, this is treasure, this is strength beyond all measure
This is pain, this is mercy, this is breaking, this is burning
This is mine, this is gonna be fine, these paper cuts will heal with time

Arise, with a new sense of purpose to keep alive
There’s truth under the disguise
There’s truth under the disguise
I’m ready for the fight
But I, won’t be wasting time
Dreaming of sleep tonight…

Awake although I’d much rather be asleep
I’m jealous of the dead who get forever to rest in peace
I’m definitely gonna have to pull a little bo peep
Cause the flock of sheep, with the numbers on their fleece go free
To greener pastures the first chance they get to leave,
Though I was countin’ on them to lead me into a field of dreams,
But they just stampede, and trample me beneath their feet,
I can’t believe I ever trusted, what looked so sweet,
And fluffy cause really nothing is what it seems to be
Nothing is gonna come around to see that I’m released
From these boundaries, surrounding me, they try to devour me, outwardly
Maybe cause I’m kosher and low in calories
I just want my dad and mom to be proud of me
I forget that I’m allowed to breathe
Only after the curtains go down and my crowd is pleased
Then I’m put back at ease, load up the magazine,
Attach to the gat and squeeze for rapid relief
Lacking a beat inside my chest cavity, filled to capacity with sadness and tragedy,
Has anyone ever asked what life is, if it’s lived unhappily?
Such dramatics we gotta get past what doesn’t matter in reality
Like the type of car we drive, our diamonds, houses, yachts, and yearly salaries
Physicality refined with a black hat as I wrap straps of my phylacteries
T’fillin near my heart and between my eyes make me strong just like a maccabee
Cause I’m in the middle of a battle, between gut reaction and my sanity
No plan or strategy just my ass on a cactus and I manage to sit passively
I’m knee deep, in disaster; I’m the master of catastrophe
Tomorrow is collateral damage, my last bit of hope the only casualty
So please G-d let me find romance and take it to the marriage canopy
Let my wife give me the strength to smash the glass and start a family
Help me to be righteous, pious, and inspired to give charity
But most of all in uncertain times, bless me with some clarity

Arise, with a new sense of purpose to keep alive
There’s truth under the disguise
There’s truth under the disguise
I’m ready for the fight
But I, won’t be wasting time
Dreaming of sleep tonight…

ימין השם רוממה
ימין עושה השם חיל
ימין השם רוממה
ימין עושה השם חיל

You kept me humble on top and raised me up from a bottomless sorrow
You and your wife gave me food when I couldn’t find a reason to swallow
In college you were my only positive role model to follow
And taught me that by praying my heart out I could bring Mashiach tomorrow
I was so involved in this gashmius it felt like my insides were hollow
You discovered G-dliness inside me though the way I operated was awful
Showed me there was more to this existence than sex drugs and rock and roll
Ignited the light to a life of yiddishkeit,
And I prospered ‘cause you fostered my growth
I watched you draw down blessings from heaven during kiddush over moscato
I began keeping Shabbos, no cell phone or wallet
I shocked my dad and mom back home in Chicago
My façade got shot with vodka farbrenging, I released all the problems I bottled
Thank G-d I found Chabad before my life rotted to compost
Almost total opposites but we got common souls both borrowed
Throw off the bondage of mitzraim and overcome all obstacles
So no more Taco Bell tacos for me, only kosher cheese on my nachos
I wanna be a Chasid like you movin’ forward with G-d’s right hand on the throttle

ימין השם רוממה
ימין עושה השם חיל
ימין השם רוממה
ימין עושה השם חיל

Never did I think for a second about how my actions impacted heaven
My collection, of regrets had become so immense
I didn’t have the will to keep suppressin’
But you let me open up, pieces of the past
I tried to close shut that were limiting my present
Not once did you ever judge my confessions,
You just said the difficulties I endured were blessings
With a little bit of introspection, I tried to find the meaning
Behind what was being tested
Yet it’s G-d alone who knows the whole message,
Though we attempt to comprehend what’s presented
Always wisely you advised me and guided me towards the right direction
And if I was divided in two sections
You helped me pick the better sentiment to invest in
You whet my neshama’s appetite with your infinite supply of inspiring lessons
From the torah our timeless protection, from the times of exile to redemption
Your personal pride pushed to the side
In order to fortify a Jewish student’s connection
To Hashem and despite tension from outside,
You gave my dalet amos new dimension
All I saw were imperfections but you switched up my perception
And again I remembered how to appreciate my reflection,
The impression you’ve left was tremendous, to you I’m forever indebted
Now I’m destined for success, G-d’s right hand freed me from depression…

ימין השם רוממה
ימין עושה השם חיל
ימין השם רוממה
ימין עושה השם חיל

ברוך השם, אני נושם
ברוך השם, אני נושם
ברוך השם, אני נושם
Thank G-d I'm breathing... Thank G-d I'm breathing.

Every step, of this journey is a struggle
Spilled so many tears my toes got soaked in the puddle
But whenever I stumbled, I stood back up on the double
All attempts to prevent my ascent eventually crumbled, not once did I tumble
Though I got a multitude of bruises I strive to keep the colors subtle,
Difficult as it is at times, I try to remain somewhat humble
But don’t mistake my modesty as vulnerable, ‘cause I’m indestructible
I chew up and spit out haters like I do super bubble
If you hear my stomach start to rumble, I strongly suggest you up your hustle
I disassemble enemies without even flexin’ a muscle
It took one hundred tons of heavy chunks of rubble
Before I discovered all the pieces that had been missing from my puzzle
Prayed to G-d everyday for an escape from this trouble; he sent me a shovel
I dug down til I found the strength to rip off this muzzle
That tries to muffle my sound, now my words are clear never mumbled
Steady pulse, I won’t take my eye off the light at the end of the tunnel

ברוך השם, אני נושם
ברוך השם, אני נושם
ברוך השם, אני נושם
Thank G-d I’m breathing… Thank G-d I’m breathing

Who am I to stand before you, broken crying as I implore you
To provide me with some guidance because the night tries to distort views
These rhymes are like my support group, speak my mind, emotions pour through
Off my chest the open door prevents the ignition of my short fuse
Look at all the poor fools, think their better I need some more proof
None of them can touch me; to them I’m like a porcu---pine
These guys is liars I don’t waste my time with those that sore lose
The present is a gift something we can’t afford to misuse
Escort me to the court room, G-d’s the only judge I report to
Rest assured that all I introduce is nothin but the pure truth
Once they cut my umbilical cord I understood that I was born to
Transform the darkest shades of gray into palette full of warm hues
Prior to my favorite form of torture I was just an immature youth
But now that I’ve survived cliff diving I’m as well rounded as a horse shoe
Yes I met depression head on and never looked for a detour route
Whatever lies in store for me, I’ll endure, and improve

ברוך השם, אני נושם
ברוך השם, אני נושם
ברוך השם, אני נושם
Thank G-d I’m breathing… Thank G-d I’m breathing

I spit, lyrical game like a llama
No set destination, I tend to wander
And, saunter in circles until people ponder
Exactly where has HARDCHARLiE’s off button gone to
It very well mighta been stolen by a robber
Stop me if you can forgive me if I’m improper
If you wanna shoot me just shoot me with shot or two of vodka
I’m Jewish so I save my pennies I got lots of copper
My flows are hotter than lava,
There’s no competition within my vision to cause a problem
Consider me a scholar, look at all I accomplished
Incompetent rappers should take a lesson in knowledge
From hip hop college, I earned a doctorate with honors
Product of nation that can never be demolished
Prepare to be astonished, I’m gonna dominate and conquer
My words are sharp as knives and y’all about to be slaughtered
כי אנו עמך ואתה אלקינו,
אנו בניך ואתה אבינו,
אנו עבדיך ואתה אדוננו,
אנו קהליך ואתה חלקנו

Our Father, Our King,
I’ve done so many improper things and my sins are weighing me down,
It seems like I’m beginning to sink, into the ground,
Burdened by an ego so overly inflated that now it’s sprung a leak from being too proud,
Punctured and learning to shrink, learning to think before I act like a clown,
I lower my eyes and bow before you,
Pleading for forgiveness knees on the ground,
For breaching my vows, and speaking deceitfully
I never should have let a negative word leave my mouth,
So many injustices I witnessed and did nothing about,
I didn’t reach out, my cold heart wasn’t aroused,
But next time I promise I’ll turn around,
Use the gifts with which I’ve been endowed,
To inspire crowds, to smile past their frowns,
Clear away the clouds that shroud how to recognize the divine when shadows surround,
Though you’ve blessed me with many obstacles to surmount,
I never lose faith, not even one ounce
I’m a man with a yetzer hara ready to pounce,
And I fight with all my might to rid myself of doubt,
Seal me in the book of life please don't let me drown
I'll try harder to stay away from things that aren't allowed,
Anah Hashem I shout, beggin G-d to end this drought,
Let praises of his name abound through every city and town,
Blow the shofar loud to exalt the crown,
This year please let my ears hear the sound
Of Mashiach’s arrival being announced
Track Name: THE ROCK
Dry walls and ceilings, eyes wide open mind reeling from stifled dreaming
In such a place how could anyone alive find meaning,
I got a feeling that the night is deceiving,
Darkness imparted by divine concealing brought us into being,
The King needs his people to keep believing
Within existence we've been provided with keys to freedom
Pieces of disconnected vessels earth embedded in desperate need of healing
We claw onto falsities instead of cleaving to infinity
There's gotta be a reason for all of this that we're not capable of perceiving,
We can bring redemption easily speedily vis a vis our deeds thoughts and speech
Even lost at sea call out to G-d mimamakim
From the depths of defeat repent whole heartedly and be released

Both sides of my soul fight for control
Coaxed to satisfy my appetites but I revolt, Benoni gold
Pray the right words leave my throat
Please find my hopes for the future of my people enclosed
You are one and none compare, I've become aware
Of a world to come, I have a share
Hear my prayers
I faced despair but can repair
The beating of the bass and snare
Rhythm of existence will learn to care if we...

Speak to the rock don't hit it
And water will pour forth
Speak to the rock, don't hit it
You'll be provided with support

Dreams of supernal secrets decoded,
I see thirteen petalled roses exploding open,
A chosen people grown among the thorns, dispersed but never broken,
Shown paths of mercy surrounded by five kinds of love like a shield made of oxytocin,
My hand lifts a kiddush cup up as blessing from above is overflowing,
Spheres of intellect and emotion, to protect against klipot always approaching,
Righteous souls unified by the light of yesod, utilize the mitzvot to know Him,
But society imposes unholy motives, and we can't find G-d dollar sign blindfolded,
I'd rather struggle with the truth than lose a tooth because my Torah's been sugar coated,
Aligned with the mind of Moses, all we have is what Hashem bestows us,
It's a miracle we're alive and thriving yet too many of us don't even notice.

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